PA Hire

Whether your event is a festival, wedding, party or conference we can supply all your sound reinforcement needs.

From single microphones to a full stage with monitors, back line and a sound engineer, we have a wide range of active and passive speakers, mixers and amps to hire.


Price List: 

Speakers including stands Price per day
Mackie 450 active x 2 £100
Mackie 600W active subs x 2 £100
HK Linear 3 Passive 700w x2 £120
Peavy 350w passive x2 £60
Fender 500w passive x 2 £60
Mixing Desks Price per day
Behringer 4 channel 1002 fx £10
Allen & Heath 16 channel digital £50
Soundcraft 8 channel £20
Yamaha 01V digital mixing console £50
Behringer DX32 digital mixing console £50
Powered Mixing desks Price per day
Behringer 1200w powered mixing desk £50
Behringer 500w  12 channel mixer amp £30
Yamaha 1200w  mixer amp £50
Monitors Price per day
Dare 600W passive £15
Microphones including lead and stand Price per day
Sure SM57 £10
Sure SM58 £10
AKG 1000 £12
AKG D112 £15
AKG 604 £10
Sure SM94 £15
Sure SM58 radio mics £30
DJ equipment Price per day
Technics 1210 turntable x 1 £50
Newmark CDN88 £20
DJ 2 channel mixer £20

We also hire a range of guitar amps, bass amps, drum kits and percussion.
for more info and to book please email

or call Steve Franklin on 07876 037 542